Documents and Resources

Reports and information about the Empire State Trail can be accessed by clicking the links below.


Empire State Trail Plan.  This planning report, issued in June 2018, describes the Empire State Trail’s history, goals, and statewide 750-mile route.

Empire State Trail Progress Report – September 2019.  This report provides a summary of New York State’s progress in creating the Empire State trail, as of fall 2019.

Erie and Champlain Canalway Trail Information.  Detailed information about these trail segments is available on the New York State Canal Corporation Website at, and on a website administered by the non-profit group Parks & Trails New York at

Empire State Trail Design Guide.  This 180-page resource document issued in October 2017, intended for trail professionals and advocates, provides detailed guidance on trail design specifications, road crossing treatments, on-road bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and Empire State Trail amenities.

Empire State Trail – Inventory of Existing Trail Sections.  This January 2019 report identifies 80 miles of existing EST segments that are in poor condition and need resurfacing.

Empire State Trail User Projection.  This report, issued July 2018, presents analysis of the projected 8.6 million annual Empire State Trail visitors.

New York State Department of Transportation On-Road Routes.  This January 2018 plan provides precise details on the EST’s on-road sections.