Brewster to Pawling Great Swamp

Brewster On-Road Section

Village of Brewster
  • 1 mile
  • 25 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • Paved

Trail Overview

This 1-mile Empire State Trail section is an on-road connection through the Village of Brewster, that serves as a connection between off-road trail sections running north and south of the Village. This section is appropriate for experienced bicyclists comfortable riding next to vehicle traffic and parked cars (it is not recommended for hikers). The on-road section starts slightly west of the Village of Brewster, at the intersection of Carmel Ave (Route 6) and Putnam Ave. From there it follows Route 6 east, and then Route 53 (N Main St) north. This section ends at a trail entrance to the off-road Maybrook Trailway off N Main St.

Cycling Directions

Cue sheets provide step by step navigation instructions for cycling the trail in both directions.

HV07-HV08_South-North Download HV08-HV07_North-South Download
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